Sigma Kappa

Delta Alpha Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Joining a sorority is more than just making friends and is completely different than what you’ve seen on TV or in the movies. Joining a sorority means that you have found a group of woman who share the same values as you, are working towards the same goal, and are ready to offer their support at any given moment. Joining a sorority means that you have found life long friendships, have dedicated your college years to something bigger than yourself, and have decided to donate your time to your community. Joining a sorority means that you are part of an entire community, you support that community, and you involve yourself in that community.

Sigma Kappa Delta Alpha is comprised of a group of very different, yet very similar women. Each and every one of us is unique, but we still follow the same values of personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty. From horseback riding, to training our cats how to play fetch, to turning shopping into an Olympic sport, we bring so many different things to our chapter and use these to better connect with our sisters. The sisters of Delta Alpha enjoy spending time with the residents of Memory Lane and Gilbert’s, which are both facilities that care for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We also enjoy spending time together and doing activities that help build our sisterhood and strength our bond.

When all of the Delta Alpha sisters are together, there is no telling how many time you will hear Come On Eileen, how many snacks will be eaten, or how much laughter will fill the room. Being with my sisters makes me feel loved and supported, and fills my heart with so much joy. I joined Sigma Kappa because of the genuine conversations and the love I felt in the room when I first entered. As each day goes on, I still feel that same love. Each one of my sisters joined Sigma Kappa for a different reason, but we all stay, because we are united one heart, one way.

My hope is that you will one day find your home away from home like I have found in Sigma Kappa.


-Senior Member, Michelle Dziergas